3 Tips On Dog Care For Active People This Summer

Dogs aren’t just pets anymore. They’re more like family, and we would like our smaller, more squeaky siblings to come with us everywhere we go. Sometimes their personalities shine brighter than ours do, and that’s why it’s so important to keep them safe, cool and happy this summer. There are more tips, tricks and products than ever on the market for our tiny companions to  have a good time alongside us, but three stand out as the most useful (okay, and the coolest) for both dogs and the people who love them.

Our furry friends are covered in an extra layer of warmth, and that means it’s especially important to keep them cool this summer. With air temperatures climbing steadily higher, your dog is more at risk for overheating and dehydration than ever before.

One thing you can do to keep your dog’s body temperature under control is to make sure they always have ample water. You wouldn’t go on a nature hike or a road trip and leave your dog behind, so you need to make sure you bring a water bowl that he or she can drink from and that won’t be too heavy or awkward to take with you. One of the best options out there is to go with a collapsible canvas bowl, which is perfect for taking on the go. Simply unfold it, pour water in, and let Fido drink to his contentment. When the dog is done, fold up the bowl and stow it in your bag or use a  clip to hang it from your belt. These doggie bowls are lightweight and can fold up smaller than a wallet!

Leaving behind our canine brothers and sisters for a bicycle ride can be a heartbreaking experience, but one always considered necessary (unless you’re the person who ties a dog leash to your handlebars—can you stay steering issues?) until quite recently. With the introduction of dog bicycle trailers like these, you can tote your little friend around with you wherever you go! A trailer is an ideal spot for smaller dogs, allowing them to travel smoothly and comfortably without overtiring them, or exposing them to too much sunlight and potential dehydration. Purchase a dog bicycle trailer for your pup with a mesh roof and siding for shade and protection from the summer heat. Your fuzzy friend will thank you for the smooth ride.

One of our favorite activities in the summer months is going around town and visiting our favorite swimming holes. There’s nothing quite like taking a dip in the cool water to alleviate the summer heat, and your dog feels the same way. However, many public pools and swimming spots don’t allow dogs in the water, or allow dogs on leashes only. How can you ensure your dog gets all the splashing and paddling he needs to keep happy in the hottest time of the year? One way is to get a dog pool. These are pools on the market made especially for and they have several features for the whole canine family to enjoy. Make sure to get one with claw-resistant or puncture-proof siding and bottom so that your pet can paddle freely and you don’t have to worry about a mess. Many dog pools require no inflation, making them an easy entertainment option for pets at backyard barbeques or family game nights.

Taking care of your dog’s needs is always number one on your list, and this summer is no different from the rest. Thankfully with this list of useful tips and essential products, keeping happy, healthy dogs will be easier than ever.

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