Combining Proper Lighting and Great Music for a Great Wedding Reception

The success of a wedding reception party is dependent on many factors. The lighting of the venue and music are among the aspects that must stand out.   One of the areas of your reception that require proper lighting is the dance floor.  Guests are excited when you use the latest LED lighting which floods the floor with beautiful light. This light raises the morale of your guests, and they can dance all night without getting bored.

LED up lighters emits sufficient light when they are placed in an area that every guest can see to add visibility to a certain feature.  The lighting technology has advanced over the years, and a big number of lighters manufacturers are producing lighters that are wireless. These wireless lighters make your venue tidy because there are no wires spread all over the floor.

The experts installing the lighters can give you the best type of lighters that can blend well with the theme of your wedding. However, they do not limit you to particular lighters; you can choose from varying colors that can make your venue more stunning.  Proper lighters make the whole experience fantastic, and your guests can never forget how exciting the event was.

Music is also very essential for any wedding reception party. To make the music compelling your wedding singer must be conversant with the lighting systems.  The singer must be able to set lighters to flash when the beat drops. Lighters that blend well with your music make the guests more excited and puts them in a party feel.  Lighting is relatively charged, and its main aim is to complement the colors in your reception venue.  With a minimum of 10 lighters, your stage area will be well lit, and the dance floor will be more receptive to your guests.

Wedding singers have packages that they offer to their clients, but you can agree with the singer to tailor make a package that can suit what you need.  Before your guests arrive, the musicians should set up the sound system and ensure that the LED lighting is fixed.  The background music must be prerecorded and checked to make sure that it is ideal for your guests.  To make sure that background music is good the singer can sing before your guests arrive and you can tell him what to adjust.

Some musicians are skilled as DJ and hiring them saves you a significant amount of money.  When there is no live music performance, the singer plays the role of a DJ to keep the guests on the floor.  You can arrange with the singer who is also your DJ to play your favorite tracks.  Rat Pack genre of music should be performed when drinks are being served.  When your guests are entering at the reception love songs should be sung.

When your guests are taking breakfast live performances are not suitable. The DJ should play prerecorded music at the venue, and live performances should be reserved for evening parties.  During your wedding there should be music for every course and the singer should be experienced to determine the best form of music. When your guests are having meals, an excellent singer should be able to encourage the guests to dance when they are eating.  The best form of music for meal times is jazz, love songs and swings. If you do not find this music exciting, the singer can give you a tailor made music package.  Guests should give speeches when the music is going on, and you will be lucky if the singer can play the role of a master of ceremony.

When you are cutting the wedding cake, the wedding entertainer should sing the right type of music.  If the guests present at the wedding have a deep love for music, the singer can play music throughout the day.  If the weather is conducive, the wedding singer can sing outside.  The singer must be receptive, greeting your guests as they arrive makes them feel special, and they can have an easy time at the party. When the guests are sitting down, there should be background music to make the guests feel loved.  Your guests can also give the wedding singer requests to sing their favorite music.

Live performances should go a period of 1hour and 30 minutes, and there should be breaks to ensure that the performance is not monotonous.  The cost of wedding singing varies depending on the venue of your reception and the date among other factors.  You should always book the wedding singer days before the actual wedding date because at times they may have other commitments. Prior booking allows the singer to adjust his schedule to be able to come and sing at your wedding.  The various packages that wedding singers provide cannot suit certain venues. The singer should guide you on the best package for your ceremony.

When looking for a wedding singer, pick the most distinguished individual.  The singer should have experience and give an affordable quote.  He should understand your guests and deliver performances that suit people in all the age brackets. To ascertain that the singer can sing well he should send you CD of his live performances. If you are pleased with his singing, you can go ahead and book the singer. New technology has made everything easy, and the singer should be booked online without traveling to his studio.  He should have the most modern music equipment to deliver a stunning performance at your ceremony.  The singer must have strong vocals and have a team that he can work in close collaboration.

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