Common Uses of Mini Buses

As times go by, so do the options you have for traveling around increase. Vehicles have helped make life easier. You can now move from point A to point B faster than the way you did 20 years ago. As time goes by, the options you have for each category widens.

All these vehicles give you the speed, convenience and comfort you desire. Some also give you the luxury you can only find with a vehicle. However, if you are one of the people who look for a vehicle to cater for your needs, a minibus would be an ideal vehicle for you. Extra room to carry more people and luggage is one of the many reasons that make these vehicles a darling to many.

The various attractive features of mini-buses make them suitable for a wide number of uses, which we are going to outline below.

School Transport

Have you started a kindergarten to make an extra buck? After you have secured the premises, relevant permits and hired some teachers, you need to find a way to make sure all your students always arrive in school on time. One of the best ways to do this is to buy a minibus.

Huge buses can hold more students, but when you are just starting out, you need something that can hold the new students as you look for other options.  One of the best advantages of using the minibus for school service is the fact that these vehicles can navigate tight corners and narrow streets. Having a minibus makes it easy for parents to trust you with their kids, since you have the ability to pick the kids from their homes.

Minibuses hold a capacity of between 26 and 30 people. This capacity is ideal for a new institution. Other than the spacious interior and a storage compartment, these vehicles are cost effective, keeping your school overhead low. Maintenance and replacement requirements for these minibuses are low.

These minibuses are also ideal for educational trips across the country. They come equipped with child-friendly features such as lap sash seat belts and sliding doors, making them very safe for educational trips.


Do you own a health facility and you are looking for a way to handle referrals between two or more health facilities? You need to have a standby ambulance. You can’t use just any vehicle to create an ambulance – the car needs to have enough space for the medical equipment, the patient and the healthcare staff. You can modify the minibus to suit your ambulance needs.

Minibuses are also ideal for use as mobile clinics. You can use the clinic to visit remote areas and conduct surgeries and checkups. You also get to offer other services such as imaging and other specialized services. Minibuses are ideal in such a situation since they give you enough space to carry the medical equipment.

Motor Homes

You can also convert a minibus into a motorhome. Staying your life out in the city can be quite tough and hectic. A weekend away from the town can be a welcome solution for you and your family. Many couples think of using various small vehicles to travel out of town, but this inhibits the chances of family bonding.

To make the weekend getaways more fun for the family, having a motorhome is the best option. It reduces the costs by eliminating the need to pay for accommodation. You can equip your motor home with luxurious features such as a kitchen, bedrooms and sauna.

Business Travel Needs

As your company or business grows, you tend to require a large-capacity vehicle to accommodate your employees. In such a case, minibuses are the right option. You can use them to drop off your executives to a business meeting across town or pick up a group of business partners from the airport. This is cheaper and more efficient, reducing your overall overhead.

Getting the Right Minibus for Your Needs

One of the ways to get perfect minibus on a tight budget is to buy a used one. Don’t take the word “used” to mean that the vehicle is in bad condition – these vehicles are in perfect condition and will serve you for several years to come. If you are starting out, this is the best option for you because you get to save some cash on the purchase. You can put this cash to use for other projects. Check out this minibus for sale and choose one depending on the preferred model, number of passengers and your budget.

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