How to Be Mindful When Moving to a New Home

Moving to a new house or apartment can be a pain. Moving from an apartment to another can be a pain. Moving, in general, is a pain, but apartments especially will try to get you. There are heaps of stress involved in getting everything together to leave and then there’s dealing with the prospect of losing your deposit.

It isn’t rare for people lose big parts of their deposit or even the whole thing to fees they didn’t expect. If you’re moving or planning to you should have all your ducks in a row. This article is a short guide on how to properly plan your way to a smooth move while (hopefully) saving the deposit of yours.

The planning stage

The day you learn that your application to the next place has been accepted, set yourself a moving date and mark it. Write it somewhere, preferably on a calender or leave a note on your phone. Physically seeing the amount of time you do or don’t have will likely prompt you to get going.

If you want to take it a step further, have you calendar set for day-by-day events. This method will let you incrementally get everything in order in a timely manner. It won’t feel rushed and since you’ll set the schedule (early) it’s at your leisure and non-interruptive to your daily life.

Starting early

Knowing that you’re ahead of the curve is an advantage in itself. You have the time needed to schedule the moving vehicles or call the movers or bug your friends to clear their schedules on your move day. You have time to declutter the house, throw things you don’t plan to bring away and generally prepare. This extra time and the ability to plan just means less stress for you.

Donate and/or throw away

If you’ve been in your place for a bit you may have worn through some things or gathered a bit more than you need. There are tons of options for getting rid of your extra material baggage. Use your extra time to have a yard sale, donate some of it to shelters if it’s in good condition or if it isn’t and you can bear to part with it, simply throw it away. You’ll be glad you did on moving day.

Logistics for the essentials

After you’ve trashed, sold or donated all your extra goods you can go through your stuff one last time and get a guestimate for how many boxes you need. You can always buy boxes at hardware stores, but if you stop by grocery stores you may be able to get free boxes if they’re giving them away. If you’re moving fragile materials, you may want to invest in some bubble wrap. Priceless heirlooms are exactly that.

The packing list

For the super organized, a packing list is in order. It can be totally liberating to just throw all your stuff in boxes and figure it out when you get to your new place, but essentials are just that and you may want to know where your bedding is. Put your like items together to avoid unneeded frustration when packing.

Check your leasing agreement

With you totally aware of how your packing situation is you can get around to keep that deposit. Read your leasing agreement. Check it for rules, or more specifically, to see if you’ve broken your leasing agreement. If you’ve broken the agreement by leaving early or damaging something, there isn’t much you can do about that deposit.

Cleaning the apartment

If you’re in the clear with the leasing agreement (and even if you aren’t, really) it’s time to clean the apartment. It’s absolutely critical. Look out for all the usual suspect places like the carpet [note: be thorough and steam clean it. has reviews for cleaners], kitchens and bathrooms. Check behind surfaces and in corners. Just be as thorough as possible or you can just call someone else to do it.

Everyone isn’t into cleaning and some are just lazy. The option for both is professional cleaners. It may seem excessive, but many swear by them. Chances are the cost of your lost deposit is greater than the cleaner’s fee so if you want, treat yourself.

Moving day

If the apartment you’re leaving is spotless, all that’s left to do is ride into the sunset, assuming you aren’t forgetting something. Since you’re reading this early that should be an issue, however. It isn’t uncommon for people to pack everything just to open a box in their new place and feel silly.

Look for library books and other things that you may have needed to return before you step into the moving vehicle. Hopefully, this guide was able to help you mitigate some of the stress. Just remember to plan and you’ll be fine.

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