How to Use Your Bread Machine

Whether you want to know how a bread maker is used or someone gifted you one and you’re wondering how to use it, the following step-by-step guide on using a bread maker can help you bake bread. Also refer to the machine’s instruction manual for more detailed instructions about how to use your specific model.

Understand your machine

Firstly, take the time to understand your machine. What size of loaf does it produce? What types of cycles are available? Does it come with crust control settings? Bread makers can make breads weighing anywhere from 1 to 3 pounds, and typically feature more than 10 different cycles. In simple language, a cycle refers to the process that’s undertaken by a bread maker. The manufacturer preprograms the cycles in the machine.

Measure your ingredients

When ready to bake break, get out all your ingredients, such as flour, water, yeast, etc. and ensure they’re at room temperature. When measuring your ingredients, make sure to do so accurately. Don’t subtract or add more. This is vitally important as even the slightest mistake will ruin the taste, appearance, and texture of your bread.

Add your ingredients

Be sure to add your ingredients properly. Most bread makers have instructions that show you how to add your ingredients. This can differ slightly between machines, but go for the best bread maker anyway. In general, you’d add the liquids first, add the dry ingredients, before adding the yeast last. But sometimes you may need to put dry ingredients first. More importantly, make sure that the yeast does not mix with the liquids to avoid causing fermentation too soon.

Select your settings

Depending on your machine, you can select any number of settings. In general, you’ll need to select your desired cycle. Then if your machine has crust settings, choose one of dark, medium, or light. Lastly, you can choose other options like delayed timer, which lets you delay the beginning of the baking.

Press start

After selecting your setting, press the start button. For the first couple of times of using your bread maker, take a look at your bread to see if everything is working properly. If you want to add nuts and fruits, do so just before the last kneading cycle or afterward.

Get the kneading blade out

Before the baking starts, try to get the kneading blade out of the machine to prevent it from baking in the bottom. Otherwise, it’ll leave an ugly hole when you remove it once the bread is ready.

Remove the bread

After your bread is baked, remove it right away. First, remove the pan if possible. It’s very important to remove the bread immediately to prevent its drying. This also allows the bread to cool right away in a cooling rack.

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